v0.26.3September 8, 2020

📆 Calendar: Check your schedule and join conference calls

Raycast now integrates with your Calendar. Use the My Schedule command to check your upcoming events. On the top you see a short summary of your day, followed by the upcoming days, weeks and months.

My Schedule Header

Use the Action Panel to join Zoom or Google Meet conference calls, email all attendees or take other actions.

My Schedule Action Panel

The best thing: Your next event shows up on the top of the root search. Just hit to jump into your Zoom call. It opens the app directly without any new tab.

Upcoming Event

Turn on the Calendar extension in the Preferences and gain control of your schedule.

📝 Drafts

All our form commands now support draft mode. You will not lose your changes if you press Escape in commands such as Jira Create Issue, GitHub Create Pull Request, Send Feedback, etc. You can always get back to your draft from the root search.


💎 Other improvements and fixes

  • We’ve got new beautiful icons for all commands of the Raycast Core and Raycast System extensions
  • Added the Lock Screen command to the Raycast System extension. Simply execute the command to quickly lock your Mac
  • Added application version number to the status bar menu. You can also Check for Updates from there now
  • Improved indexing so that more partial search terms for apps, commands, and other list content lead to results (e.g. “vs code” would now find “Visual Studio Code” or “my issues” would find the Jira command My Open Issues)
  • Improved support for custom sprint field types when creating Jira issues
  • Highlighted the New Update Available list item in the root search to make it easier to recognize when a new version is available ✨
  • Reduced translucency of the window background in the Light theme to improve contrast
  • Added a link to Raycast Manual. You can access it via status menu or via "Manual" command in the root search.
  • Fixed an issue when empty bullet lists fail the creation of Jira issues
  • Fixed a crash in the Jira issue creation form on macOS Mojave
  • Fixed list selection not being maintained when navigating back from Jira issue details
  • Fixed cases where the wrong icon would be displayed for issue types in Jira
  • Fixed attachments not being displayed on Jira issue details screen
  • Fixed rendering issues that can happen on non-retina displays
  • Fixed an issue where Raycast window wouldn't show up properly after using the Show Desktop command