v0.25.1September 2, 2020

GitHub: Create pull requests

As the first step of a brand new integration with GitHub, you can now use the Create Pull Request command to quickly submit your code changes for review. Use the form to select branches, set the title and pick your reviewers. After creating the PR, you can open it in your browser. Head over to the Preferences to enable the GitHub extension.

GitHub Create Pull Request

Jira: Global search for issues

So far you could filter selected Jira lists by various fields, but there might have been cases when you still couldn’t find what you were looking for. We’ve now added a Search Issues command that allows you to search for any text, project or issue key globally across all your projects. The global search is also available as a fallback search in the root search or in any Jira list.

Jira Search Issues

Jira: My filters

We’ve added a My Filters command that shows issues for any of your saved filters including the ones that Jira automatically set up while creating boards. The filters are handy to see what's going on in your projects.

Jira My Filters

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added a Recently Updated Issues command that shows all Jira issues that have been updated during the last week
  • Added a Copy Git Branch Name action to all Jira issues that generates and copies a git-compatible name which can be used to create a new branch
  • Improved the scrolling performance in Jira lists
  • Improved the indexing and searching in commands. This is now twice as fast!
  • Fixed "navigable" fields in Jira issue details
  • Fixed a bug where tokens would break layout in Jira issue detail screen
  • Fixed alternate escape for French keyboard layouts