v0.23.0August 17, 2020

Jira: Epics, sub-tasks and custom fields

You can now select epics and sub-task types when creating new issues, and set epic links and sprints. Even more, we support a number of your configured custom field types (textfields, dropdown fields with search, checkboxes, and label fields)!

Jira Create Epics

Smarter Root Search

We've added a Suggestions section to the top of our root search so that you can access your frequently and recently accessed commands and apps more quickly; and search now supports fuzzy terms that include the extension name, for instance: searching for jci would show you the Create Issue command of the Jira extension.

Smarter Root Search

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added city abbreviations to the advanced calendar to make it quicker to check the time in other locations, e.g. "time in ny" or "5pm sf in muc".
  • Quick actions got more responsive in Jira lists to allow faster transitioning of your issues.
  • Improved tooltip with shortcuts. Each key is now separated to make it easy to learn the shortcut.
  • Added visual feedback when changing volume via System Commands.
  • Added login for Jira via the preferences window.
  • Fix: Close the preferences window with Esc.