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Control Anybox with Raycast
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Anybox Extension for Raycast

Search links, save links, show Quick Save, toggle Anydock or do other things right in Raycast.

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Supported Commands

  1. Search Links

  2. Show Quick Save

  3. Save Current Tab

  4. Save Current Tab With Tags

  5. Save Current Tab With Folder

  6. Save Clipboard

  7. Save Clipboard With Tags

  8. Save Clipboard With Folder

  9. Save Note

  10. Toggle Anydock

  11. Toggle Stash Box

  12. Toggle Link Detection

  13. Switch Anydock Profile

  14. Open All in Anydock Profile

  15. Show List

Getting API Key for Seach Links Command

Go to Anybox › Preferences › General to copy API key.


Open the project in your IDE of choice and install the dependencies via:

$ npm install

To run and test the Xcode extension locally:

$ npm run dev