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Search Bibmanager Database from Raycast


Extension for quickly accessing your bibmanager database from Raycast. Search the database (by bibkey, author, title, year or tags) and quickly access entries by opening or downloading the pdf. You can also open or copy the ADS link and copy the bibtex entry. Make sure to explore available actions in the action panel (⌘ + K).

How to setup the Location of the python bin

In order for Raycast to find bibmanager, you need to provide the location of the python binary that is used to execute bibmanager.

  1. Open the terminal
  2. Check that you are able to use bibmanager: bibm -v
  3. run which python
  4. Select the path and copy it
  5. Paste the path into the preference field for the python bin


This extension uses a fuzzy search that searches in bibkey, title, year, authors (any) and tags.

  • seperate searchstrings with a whitespace (e.g., to search 2022 in years and Einstein in authors, just do Einstein 2022)
  • Use a + to extend a searchstring (e.g., to search How+drifting in the title)
  • Use a . for tags (e.g., .software searches for the software tag)

Note: If this instruction wasn't clear, please let me know in Slack Community or feel free to create a PR with improved steps.