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RescueTime Focus Session Trigger

Commands to start and stop a Focus Session on the RescueTime desktop or web apps
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Start Focus Session logo Start Focus Session

Starts a Focus Session for RescueTime. Enter default value for duration of Focus Session in preferences if you prefer a value other than 25

End Focus Session logo End Focus Session

Ends a Focus Session for RescueTime

RescueTime Focus Session Trigger

This Raycast extension provides commands to start and end Focus Sessions in RescueTime. You will need the paid version of RescueTime to use Focus Sessions.


You will need an API key from RescueTime. Log into your RescueTime account in a browser and then navigate to to generate an API Key and add it into this extension's preferences.

Note: The desktop app checks for updates once every minute, so your trigger may not immediately be reflected.

Default Focus Session Duration

Be sure to set your own default Focus Session duration in this extension's preferences if you prefer a duration other than 25 minutes.