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Publish status from Raycast to Akkoma or Pleroma, and view your bookmarked status
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Raycast Extension for Akkoma



  • Write status with markdown support.
  • Publish simple status with text.
  • Publish scheduled status with natural date format.
  • Publish status with attachments (image, video, files); add alt text to the image when only one image is attached.
  • Save draft status.
  • View your bookmarked statuses.
  • View your latest statuses.
  • Open the latest published status that was published from Raycast through the actions.


Input your Akkoma / Pleroma instance's URL, then click the "Continue" button in the bottom-right corner.



Add simple status with text

Add simple status with text

Add scheduled status

Add scheduled status Add scheduled status

Add status with image and alt text

Add status with image and alt text

View bookmarked status

Add simple status with text

View your latest status

View your latest status

Mark status as sensitive

Toggle the "Sensitive" checkbox to mark the attached image as sensitive, or add a content warning to the status.

Mark status as sensitive

Write status with markdown

Toggle the "Markdown" checkbox to render markdown in the text file. Markdown shortcuts are also supported (e.g., pressing + B will add **bold** around the selected text, + I will make the selected text italic, etc.).

Writing status with markdown

Draft status

Draft status ## Available Settings

Status limit

Based on performance considerations, the number of statuses displayed is limited, with the default being 20. You can adjust this limit in the extension settings.

bookmark limit status limit

Default visibility

Default visibility




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