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Folder Search

Search for folders on your Mac
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Folder Search

Search for folders on your Mac


You can add your own custom AppleScript plugins to Folder Search. These appear as actions, under the sub-heading 'Plugins' within Folder Search.

The steps are as follows:

  • Configure the Folder Search extension via Raycast

    • Ensure the Plugins Enabled option is checked
    • Populate Plugins Folder (Absolute Path) with a valid absolute path to where you plugins reside
      • e.g: /Users/GastroGeek/Documents/FolderSearchPlugins
  • Create one or more plugins with the following schema (they are just .js files):

e.g. Plugin Path


e.g. Plugin file contents (open-alt.js)

// note the export name!
exports.FolderSearchPlugin = {
  // the title of the action as shown
  // in the Actions Menu in Raycast.
  title: 'Open Alt',

  // the desired keyboard shortcut in the same
  // format as with Raycast's API but with only
  // single braces: `{` and `}`.
  shortcut: { modifiers: ["cmd", "shift"], key: 'a' },

  // the `Icon` name without the Icon enum prefix.
  icon: 'Link',

  // a function which takes the result that was selected at the time of execution and returns a valid AppleScript. This AppleScript is what gets executed.
  appleScript: (result) => {
    return `do shell script "open ${result.path}"`

For reference, the result argument passed into the appleScript function is as follows (based on mdfind properties)

  path: '/Users/GastroGeek/Music',
  kMDItemDisplayName: 'Music',
  kMDItemFSCreationDate: '2016-04-22T20:42:52.000Z',
  kMDItemFSName: 'Music',
  kMDItemContentModificationDate: '2022-07-08T15:44:01.000Z',
  kMDItemKind: 'Folder',
  kMDItemLastUsedDate: '2022-09-14T10:09:45.000Z'

You will likely only need/use the path property.