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Pie for Pi-hole

Control your Pi-hole from Raycast.
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Pie for Pi-hole



Control and monitor your Pi-hole instance easily through raycast. There are various features baked into this extension,

  1. Query log - View query log for the last two hours, with client information as well as domain block status.
  2. Top queries - See top allowed and blocked queries to get a quick sense of how your Pi-hole is performing.
  3. Whitelists and Blacklists - Quickly whitelist or blacklist any domain from query logs or top queries command.
  4. Pi-Hole summary - Get a summary of your Pi-hole instance.
  5. Disable/Enable Pi-hole - Need to access something but Pi-Hole is interfering? quickly disable it using Pie. There are options for disabling for a set durations too!


Setting up Pie is very simple (assuming you have a Pi-hole already setup that is). You will need your Pi-Hole instance URL and an API Token.

Pi-hole URL

Your Pi-hole instance URL is basically your Raspberry Pi IP address. It is the link you use to access your admin dashboard, without the /admin route, just the IP address.

API Token

Find the API token for your Pi-hole from the admin dashboard. Go to settings -> API/Web interface -> Show API token.

Features and Feedback

I'd love to know how I can improve this extension. If you notice any bugs, or want additional features, reach out to me on Twitter