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Search Astro Documentation

Search the Astro Documentation right from Raycast
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Search Astro Documentation

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What is this extension

Reach and search the Astro Documentation in an instant right from Raycast without any hassle.

  • ✅ Supports all languages that Astro Documentation supports
  • ✅ Has all sidebar links that Astro Documentation has
  • ✅ Fallback to a.stro.cc to fullfill any search in Astro Documentation

How to add to the extension

Bugs and suggestions

Suggestions are always welcome and can be added via Github Issues, bugs can also be issued via Github Issues


# To install dependencies
npm i

# To start the local development server
npm run dev

All documentation items are defined in src/data/docs.ts. You can add new items there, types and IntelliSense supported. Each documentation item can have it's own displaytitle, url, icon and keywords. Only the title is required.

# To lint and fix
npm run fix-lint

# To locally build the extension
npm run build