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Open WhatsApp chats
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How to get WhatsApp group code

  1. Open the WhatsApp group in any platform
  2. Click on the chat header to see the group information
  3. Scroll down and click Invite to Group via Link
  4. You will see a URL that looks like https://chat.whatsapp.com/<group_code>
  5. Copy the group code from the URL and paste it in Raycast

Developer details

At the time of writing this, WhatsApp does not offer a public API for users. It only provides application links to quickly access already existing chats. Until WhatsApp provides a public API, the Add Chat and Add Existing Group commands will serve for adding the chats to the extension so users can access them from the Open Chat command.

When the API is available, the Add Chat, Import Contacts and Add Existing Group commands will be obsolete while new commands such as Create Group or Send Message will become feasible.