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Yet Another FFMPEG Wrapper. Compress videos easily from Raycast. Zero config. From your clipboard, or the Finder.
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Fix special characters handling in selected file's name - May 20, 2024

  • Fixes #12439 : fix how sanitizeFileName method handles special characters
  • Fixes #12440 : when running a command on a file, follow MacOS naming convention to compute the new file's name

Fix unwanted behavior when file format is uppercase - May 6, 2024

Now attempting to compress .MP4, .MOV etc. files should work properly.

Support file names with special chars - May 6, 2024

Files containing ' would not work. That's fixed now.

Merge with Video/GIF modfication extension - May 3, 2024

Previously it was a separate Video/Gif modification extension. Now its source code has been merged with YAFW. This adds additional commands such as Convert To, Optimize, Resize and Stabilize.

Fix custom paths and add error logging - April 30, 2024

Now custom paths should work properly. Also, added error logging to debug production issues.

Initial Version - April 18, 2024

Welcome to Yet Another Ffmpeg Wrapper (YAFW)!