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Ollama AI

Perform Local Inference with Ollama
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Raycast Ollama

Use Ollama for local llama inference on Raycast. This application is not directly affiliated with Ollama.ai.


Ollama installed and running on your mac. At least one model need to be installed throw Ollama cli tools or with 'Manage Models' Command. You can find all available model here.

How to Use

Command: Chat With Ollama

Chat with your preferred model from Raycast, with the following features:

  • Save conversation with CMD+S keyboard shortcut. You can access your saved conversation with CMD+P keyboard shortcut.
  • Change model with CMD+M keyboard shortcuts. For embedding is recommended to use a lower parameters model for better performance.
  • Copy your Question, Answer or even the entire Chat to the clipboard.
  • Chose how many messages use as memory with extention setting "Chat Memory Messages". By default it use the last 20 messages.


With tags you can add more data on the prompt. You can use one of the following tags on the prompt:

  • /image: Add the image on the clipboard or selected on the finder to the prompt. At least Ollama v0.1.15 and one multimodal model installed are required. Only PNG or JPG image are supported.
  • /file: Add information of one or more files on the prompt as knowledge. Select the files to use with CMD+F shortcuts (text based files and PDF are supported). By default it use 'Stuff' Chain, you can change Chain type from 'Document Loader' submenu. This feature is currently experimental.

Command: Create Custom Commands

With 'Create Custom Command' you can create your own custom Command using whatever model you want.