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Search and manage your Things to-dos from Raycast
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Minor improvements - October 31, 2023

  • Use the Things flat icon in the menu bar and actions to make it stand out
  • Add a preference to hide the top Things to-do in the menu bar

Quick Add To-Do using natural language processing (NLP) - September 5, 2023

Ever wanted to add a new to-do to Things with plain, natural text? Well, it's possible now with the new Quick Add To-Do command. Just type in your to-do text, maybe set some notes and checklist items and you're good to go. Under the hood, it'll analyze and process your text to extract these parameters:

  • The title
  • The start date
  • The project or area the to-do belongs to
  • The heading within a project to add to.
  • The deadline
  • The different tags
  • If it's completed or canceled Here are some examples:
  • Book flights today in my Trips list
  • Add milk to my groceries list for tomorrow with Errand tag
  • Respond to mails
  • Buy a new car by the end of the year
  • Collect dry cleaning this evening at 6PM
  • Fix landing page this friday in bugs heading of Revamp Homepage project
  • Add a completed task called “Ship feature” to my Work list
  • Respond to mails by this week-end

Big update - August 11, 2023

A big update has been released for the Things extension. Here's what's new:

New actions

You now have additional actions for your to-dos:

  • Schedule
  • Move to a project/area
  • Edit the title or notes
  • Add a tag
  • Set a deadline
  • Copy the URL as a formatted link
  • Copy the title
  • Copy the notes But that's not all. There are also two new actions powered by AI to assist you in completing your to-dos:
  • Generate checklist with AI to generate a checklist based on the to-do's title and notes
  • Make To-Do Actionable with AI to make a to-do's title more actionable.

Note: Some of these actions require an authentication token for security reasons. Please refer to the instructions in the README.md file to set it up.

New command: Add New Project

You can now create new Things projects directly from Raycast. Similar to to-dos, you can add project notes, tags, schedule it, assign it to an area, set a deadline, and add some to-dos. Need inspiration or a little boost to kickstart a project? Use the "Generate To-Dos with AI" action to let the AI fill out the to-dos for you.

Menu bar improvements

The menu bar command also has its own set of imrpovements. Now you can perform more actions directly from the menu bar:

  • Schedule a to-do
  • Move a to-do to a project/area
  • Complete any to-do The menu bar also includes shortcuts to different lists in Things for quicker access (Today, Upcoming, Projects & Areas, Logbook, etc.). If you prefer a simple, clean list, note that you can disable this feature and keep only your to-do list for today visible.

Other improvements

  • Added support for drafts when creating to-dos
  • Improved deadlines accessories
  • Enabled markdown when adding a new to-do
  • Improved date pickers to only show dates from now onwards
  • Added icons to list accessories
  • Added a new empty state
  • Added a confirmation alert when deleting a to-do

Fix - May 8, 2023

  • Fixed encoding

Update - March 17, 2023

Add the ability to copy the Things URI to the clipboard.

Update - December 18, 2022

Added troubleshooting

Update - July 11, 2022

Added support for Things beta.

Fixes and Updates - March 2, 2022

  • Updated the API
  • Fixed a todo creation bug

Improvements - December 3, 2021

  • Add tags from project and area
  • Add actions for project and area
  • Display tags in list subtitle
  • Add complete action
  • Add "Mark as Completed"/"Mark as Canceled"/"Delete" actions
  • Add "Add New To-Do" command
  • Add fallback commands in show-list (search + create todo)
  • AddNewTodo: separate form handling in 2 actions
  • Better error handling: catch and display markdown error if things is not running
  • Fix TypeScript error

Copy URL - February 25, 2022

Added the option to view and copy the result url.

Initial Version - October 20, 2021

Add Things Extension.