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Perplexity API

Use the powerful models via Perplexity API from the comfort of Raycast.
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Perplexity API

Interact with Perplexity's API right from your command bar

Perplexity API offers a wide range of AI models such as Mistral, Meta's Llama and their own models. With this powerful extension, you can boost your productivity using advanced AI models without having to leave your Raycast interface.

Getting an API Key

  1. Go to Perplexity API
  2. Generate an API key at the bottom and copy your key
  3. Input your key on the Extension's setup page

You're all good to go!

Disabled Commands

The extension features several disabled commands that can be enabled in the settings:

  • Change Tone to Casual
  • Change Tone to Professional
  • Coding Assustant
  • Custom Action
  • Find Synonyms
  • Task Generator
  • Translate Text

API Pricing

Pricing for the Perplexity API is based on the number of tokens processed.

You can find more information on the Pricing Page.