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Jira Search (Self-Hosted)

Search for Jira issues (more tolerant and powerful than built-in), projects, and boards on Jira Server instances.
Evan Rittenhouse
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Raycast Jira Search (Self-Hosted Edition)

This Raycast extension lets you quickly find Jira issues, projects, and boards. This version is forked from the JIRA search extension built by sven to work with JIRA server instances.



  • Find issues by text and project and type, where the text search is much more tolerant than the one built in to Raycast.
    • Filter issues by project using @project syntax.
    • Filter issue by type using #issueType syntax.
    • Filter issue by status using !status or !"my fancy status" (use double quotes if status contains spaces) syntax.
    • Filter issue by assignee using %email or %"full name" (use double quotes if assignee contains spaces) syntax.
    • For example enter pdf export @dev @it #bug #story to find all issues which contain words starting with "pdf" and "export" and which are in the "DEV" or "IT" project and which are of type "Bug" or "Story."
    • Find issue directly by issue key (for example DEV-1234).
  • Find projects by title.
  • Find boards by title.
  • Use the following actions on found entities:
    • Open in browser
    • Copy URL
    • Copy markdown link
    • Copy HTML link

Note: This extension does not provide an issue preview or issue editing like the built-in extension – it is totally focused on quickly opening Jira entities in your browser.


To connect the extension to your Jira instance you need to fill the following prefernces:

  • Jira Domain: The domain of your Jira instance like mycompany.atlassian.net or with a base URL like mycompany.atlassian.net/baseUrl/jira.
  • Personal Access Token: A personal access token created as described in Using Personal Access Tokens.

Unsafe HTTPS

If you JIRA instance uses a self-signed certificate, you can enable Unsafe HTTPS in the extension settings to stop network errors from occurring.