v1.61.0November 2, 2023

🌐 Smarter Quick AI

Raycast Quick AI now has access to real-time web results, providing you with answers that are more up-to-date, accurate, and relevant. You can now ask about recent events and get a great concise answer in a matter of seconds, with access to the sources used. Try it out by typing anything in Root Search and hitting Tab!

Note: Quick AI is part of our paid PRO subscription


⚡ Shortcuts Improvements

We have enhanced Siri Shortcuts integration in Raycast making them more efficient and reliable. The new engine improves Shortcuts discovery and does so with fewer resources than before. It also fixes multiple issues reported by the community such as incorrect display after a Shortcut is edited.

✨ New

  • A new {snippet} Dynamic Placeholder is available in both Snippets and AI Commands. It allows you to reference another snippet and insert its content

💎 Improvements

  • Calendar: conferences should be recognized correctly
  • Emoji: Added the Black Diamond Minus White X symbol ❖

🐞 Fixes

  • Clipboard: Fixed some issues where very old entries were being deleted
  • Clipboard: Improved performance on clipboard entries filtering
  • Clipboard: Now ignores passwords inserted using the system Auto Fill service.
  • Floating Notes: Fixed an issue where Toggle Floating Notes Focus didn’t work on macOS Sonoma
  • Floating Notes: Fixed an issue where copied text was not compatible with Universal Clipboard