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Image Modification

Apply filters and transformations to various image formats, and convert between them.
AvatarStephen Kaplan
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Flip Images HorizontallyFlip Images Horizontally

Flip the selected images horizontally

Flip Images VerticallyFlip Images Vertically

Flip the selected images vertically

Rotate ImagesRotate Images

Rotate the selected images by the specified amount of degrees

Convert ImagesConvert Images

Convert the selected images to the specified format

Resize ImagesResize Images

Resize the selected images to the specified width and/or height

Scale ImagesScale Images

Scale the selected images by the provided factor

Pad ImagesPad Images

Pad images to the specified size using the provided color

Apply Image FilterApply Image Filter

Apply filters to images using Apple's CIFilters

Optimize ImagesOptimize Images

Optimize images by compressing them

Create New ImageCreate New Image

Create a new image by specifying its dimensions, color, and pattern.

Strip EXIF DataStrip EXIF Data

Remove EXIF data from images