Michael Nielsen
Michael Nielsen
Hey, I’m Michael - a Product Engineer that loves building delightful interfaces. I’m currently working at Attio focusing mostly on our design system.

Favorite feature

There are so many wonderful features within Raycast, and so many of them are indispensable to me on a daily basis such as the Clipboard History, Calculator, Window Management, Snippets - but my favorite “feature” of Raycast is that it’s stunning to look at and use. The interactions within Raycast are very thoughtful, and the little details add up to an experience that truly shines ✨

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

Application shortcuts are probably my most used now. I’ve always been terrible at using my F keys so I opted to bind some of them to some of my most used apps. Very underrated feature!

Top extensions from the Store

My most commonly used extensions are Linear, Spotify Player, MDN Search, and the native Github extension.


Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

I’ve bound most of my apps (Linear, Figma, VSCode, etc.) to my F keys which have finally made them a relevant part of my keyboard 😅

Anything else

The developer experience for building extensions within Raycast is so damn good. Incredibly simple to get started, but still powerful enough to build some really great extensions that look and feel the part!

The new Menu Bar Command API is super exciting for me personally as I’m one of those that enjoys having information at a glance.

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