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Control Obsidian with Raycast
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Search NoteSearch Note

Search, open, view, copy, paste and edit any note in Obsidian.

Bookmarked NotesBookmarked Notes

Search, open, view, copy, paste and edit bookmarked notes in Obsidian.

Open VaultOpen Vault

Open a vault in Obsidian.

Append to Daily NoteAppend to Daily Note

Append text to your daily note

Daily NoteDaily Note

Open daily note in Obsidian. Will create new daily note when it doesn't exist yet.

Create NoteCreate Note

Create new note

Random NoteRandom Note

Open random note

Search MediaSearch Media

Search for media in your vault

Obsidian Menu BarObsidian Menu Bar

See your pinned notes at a glance and control actions from the menu bar.

Append TaskAppend Task

Append a task to a note of your choice