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Access the KeePass database with the KeepassXC-cli. Please make sure KeePassXC is installed.
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KeepassXC Extension for Raycast

This is a Raycast extension to access keepass database.


  • KeePassXC.app installed.(keepassxc-cli in KeepassXC.app is required to access keepass database


There are 3 parameters required for this extension to work:

  • path of KeePassXC.app (default /Applications/KeePassXC.app)
  • a keepass database file
  • password to access database





  • Enter : Paste Password
  • Shift+Enter : Paste Username
  • Option+Enter : Paste TOTP
  • Cmd+G : Copy Password
  • Cmd+B : Copy Username
  • Cmd+T : Copy TOTP
  • Shift + Cmd + U : Open URL in Browser

Password Security Note

This extension works by using keepassxc-cli(inside KeePassXC.app) in command line to access keepass database:

  • Main password is stored by raycast. (encrypted)
  • Main password will be send to keepassxc-cli by simulating command line interaction with nodejs api subprocess.stdin.write.

Related commands

# List entries for version < 2.7
keepassxc-cli locate -q /path/to/database.kdbx /
# List entries for version >= 2.7
keepassxc-cli find -q /path/to/database.kdbx /

# Get password by entry
keepassxc-cli show -q -a Password /path/to/database.kdbx entry_name

# Get username by entry
keepassxc-cli show -q -a Username /path/to/database.kdbx entry_name