Create, search and modify your issues from anywhere on your Mac.

The Linear extension brings the speed, quality and joy of the app to every corner of your Mac.


Active Cycle: Search for, view and modify issues that are in the active cycle.

Create Issue: Create a new issue, assign it to yourself or a teammate, set priority or labels and move it to a cycle.

Assigned/Created Issues: List issues that are relevant to your daily workflow. Quickly filter, change and share them. Open the details to see the description.

Search Issues: Search issues globally and copy details, change status or priority and open them in the desktop app or browser.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to set up the extension:

  1. Go to the Extensions panel in the Raycast preferences
  2. Select and enable the Linear extension
  3. Optionally, configure the commands that you want to use

Afterwards, you should be able to use all commands of the Linear extension.