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Web Audit

Find SEO related data of any given webpage.
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Web Audit Raycast Extension

This Raycast Extension lets you audit a given webpage in a matter of seconds. It's made to showcase all critical data and tell you what is not optimized yet.

How to use it?

1. Install the Extension

If the Extension gets approved you will find it in the Raycast Store. You can install the extension via the import extension command directly in Raycast.

2. Use the command

The command for starting the Extension is Analyze Website [https://raycast.com/]. You can use any URL you want, if it is not reachable or you don't type the URL in including a protocol, the extension will throw an error. You can press ⌘T to see some more information on how to fix the issues.

3. Wait and look at the results

After a few seconds you should see your results and some information about the website on the right side.


If you've found any bugs or want to help with the Extension, reach out to me via Twitter or directly on my Portfolio.