We’ve all felt it

You look up at the clock, realizing hours have flown by because you’ve lost yourself in work. When the day ends, you feel happy, knowing you spent your time deliberately. This is Flow: the perfect state of productivity. But most of us reach this state far too seldom.

While it’s easy to blame social media, the apps we use for work can be just as distracting. Switching between apps and contexts adds up when we’re at our computers for eight hours a day. Simple actions turn into long series of clicks, causing us to forget our intentions. Since these tools are for work, turning them off isn’t an option.

But what if you could check your notifications without an app pushing them onto you? Update your Slack status, without getting sidetracked by #random? View your top todos, without getting overwhelmed by all your do-it-laters? Or look up an answer, without losing yourself in the internet?

Say hello to Raycast,your shortcutto everything.

It allows you to get anything done from anywhere on your Mac, from adding to-do’s to asking AI. A new way of experiencing your computer, where distractions aren’t just easier to resist but are completely out of sight.

Once you start thinking outside the app, almost anything is possible. From getting your windows in place, to jotting down notes during calls. Or taking actions in Slack, Spotify, GitHub, and all your favorites apps — without even opening them. It’s a fresh way of thinking that takes some getting used to. But once you get it, you can never go back. It’s not even about saving time... It’s about never wasting it.

Raycast is inspired by early command line interfaces, where you could take any action without the distractions. In this way, it’s a timeless computing vision, reimagined for the modern age.

The choice is yours: continue clicking through life or take the short way.