Engineering Manager

Help engineers thrive in our high-trust environment.

Salary€132,000 - €160,000

We aim to become the leader in the productivity space. To achieve this, we built a high-trust environment where engineers are able to concentrate on the work that matters. We're looking for an Engineering Manager that can help our engineers thrive in this environment.

A lot has been written about people management, particularly with a focus on software development. We think about our people managers as servant leaders. Somebody that takes the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each person. Somebody that understands what it means to work on something that you are passionate about. Somebody who can help a person realize and accomplish their goals. At this point you won't be helping junior engineers to become better coders. Everybody at Raycast has been in the industry for a while. You're gonna have a front seat at defining what it means to become a top product team in Europe. In this key role, you'll make sure that we function well as a team, support everybody to work towards their strengths and cut away bureaucratic non-sense.

We're a fully remote company spread across Europe and looking for candidates in EU-friendly timezones (CET ± 3 hours). This position is for a full-time employment.

In this role you will...

  • Cultivate our engineering principles. All of us are makers and we optimize our time to produce a great piece of software. We follow rituals to ship an update every 2 weeks and make sure we delight our users as a result. You'll hold yourself and the team accountable to these standards.

  • Improve existing and introduce new processes to make us better. We're lean on processes and work in a very autonomous and self-driven manner. Growing the team means more communication, bigger need for alignment and making sure autonomy doesn't end up in isolation. You'll make sure to get yourself familiar with our challenges and progressively help us in addressing them while working effectively as a team.

  • Value feedback. Being transparent, open and cooperative is one of our core values, as we believe this is critical to function well as a team. To foster it, we need to be candid. Help each other to thrive and call out things that hold us back. Being open and providing feedback are vital parts of this.

  • Grow our product team. We aim to be among the top product teams in Europe. To accomplish this, we need not only exceptional engineers, but also outstanding people who share our vision, commitment, and passion for delivering high-quality software. Your experience, intuition, and discernment will help us search for, attracting, and bringing onboard those individuals.

  • Embrace versatility. In such a small startup, we're all generalists and open to go beyond our pre-defined roles. You should strive to make the best use of your experience, knowledge and skills to contribute to Raycast's success. You might manage people that are not engineers, offer support to our users, drive projects outside of the product domain or recruit for specialized roles.

You will be a great fit if...

  • You're an engineer. You did it yourself. You have at least 5 years of experience as a Software Engineer during which you went through your own engineering career ladder and have seen the ups and downs. You have experience that you can provide to others. The learning that you got from other senior folks are fundamental to who you are nowadays.

  • You’re an experienced people manager. You have at least 5 years of experience being a Lead Engineer or Engineering Manager. Managing people is your passion and you get fired up when you are able to help others.

  • You don't drink Kool-Aid. There is an excessive amount of engineering management out there that resembles more of a cult rather than providing actual help. You evaluate best practices and apply them to our situation.

  • You're product-minded. Raycast is designed to keep developers focused. You have a sense for great user experience and feel when something is off. You prefer polishing a feature instead of shipping soul-less pixels. Even if you don't necessarily code the features yourself, you love riffing about new ideas and help others squeeze out the most of their potential.

  • You put our users first. Throughout Raycast you find many little details. You pay attention to detail and help the team provide our users a delightful experience. You can't stand bugs and don't shy away from user feedback.

  • You're an empathetic communicator. You treat technology as tradeoffs. You may be opinionated but you're not ideological. When disagreeing, you communicate your perspective thoughtfully and compromise when needed. You thrive in a team environment and hold yourself and the team accountable.

Our stack

  • Swift + AppKit for our macOS app. Everything is written in Swift using AppKit with Swift Packages. We don't use SwiftUI extensively, however we are likely to start using it soon. We rarely adopt third party dependencies. Some are GRDB for our database, Sentry for crash reporting, Nuke for image fetching and a few C libraries to crank up performance.

  • React + Node.js for Extensions API. We use Node.js as a runtime and React as a UI framework for extensions. React components are rendered as native AppKit components, no HTML or CSS involved. The entire API is written in TypeScript. The setup is very similar to how React Native works on mobile.

  • JavaScript/TypeScript for marketing website. We use Next.js for and deploy it with Vercel.

  • Ruby on Rails for backend. We use Ruby on Rails for our Extension Store backend and Heroku for hosting/deployment.

  • Modern work tools for everything. Linear for issue tracking, GitHub as source control, Sentry for error reporting, Amplitude for analytics, Slack for internal communication, Figma for pixels, Notion as knowledge base and a few others. As a team, we enjoy using CleanShot, Bear, Things and a few other Mac apps.

Why joining us?

  • We're at the beginning of our next chapter. You will join us at the right time to have major impact on the future of the company. We released our platform, established a friendly community and are jumping head first into expanding our product and business through our Pro and Teams subscriptions.

  • We're backed by great investors. We're backed by Accel, Coatue, Y Combinator, Chapter One and angels such as Charlie Cheever (Co-Founder of Expo & Quora), Calvin French-Owen (Co-Founder of Segment), Zach Holman (Early GitHub engineer), Koen Bok (Framer, CEO), Karri Saarinen (CEO, Linear) and many more.

  • We're individual contributors at heart. We value full ownership and responsibility, choose quality over quantity and put our users first. We're motivated by shipping truly great software.

  • We'll treat you well. Get a competitive salary, stock options and health insurance. Plus, we provide a monthly health benefit for a gym, pay for your co-working space, give you the latest MacBook Pro with a 5K display and accessories and provide flexible paid-time off (PTO) plus all your national holidays.

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