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Twilio’s Authy

Search, sync and use your Twilio’s Authy 2fa tokens with Raycast
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Warning: This extension is using Authy private api and may not compliant with the Terms of Service of Authy. Use at your own risk.



  1. Enable Allow Multi-device option to allow extension to connect to your account.
    Screenshot Multi device
  2. Enable Authenticator Backups to get your data synced. Set your backup password.
    Screenshot Backup
  3. You can find Authy Id in the settings main tab.
    Screenshot Settings


Q: I got too many attempts error

A: This should be really rarely error, please wait a time mentioned in error and try again

Q: I've added a new account in the Authy App, but it's missing in the extension

A: Try to refresh the extension data cmd + r

Q: I got my token damaged error during refresh

A: Try a few time, in case problem hasn't been resolved try to re-install extension, any way all synced services should work fine

Q: I got corrupted OTP for some of my records

A: That means the extension couldn't decrypt your OTP, pls submit a GitHub issue for Authy extension.

Q: I got corrupted OTP for ALL of my records

A: That means extension the couldn't decrypt any of your OTPs, The likely cause is that your Authy Backup Password is incorrect. Please check or reset the password.