Not just a launcher

Raycast can do a lot of things. Here is an overview of what’s possible with just a few keystrokes. Stop wasting your time and start focusing on what matters.


Launch Apps

Launch and switch apps with a few keystrokes. Quit running ones, copy details and more.

close window
Floating Notes are a quick way to jot down a thought while working on something else.

Always handy. One note. No save. 😎

System commands


Change Volume


Lock Screen




More Commands

User Interface

Light or dark, you choose

Everything a keystroke away

Assign global hotkeys to commands, scripts and apps to perform common actions.

Hidden superpowers

Hit ⌘K to find and take any action in the app with just a few keystrokes.


Your issue tracker re-invented

We got the 80% of issue tracking that you actually use right. Create, search and modify issues instantly without switching context.

Color Picker

We love seeing all the great scripts being made by the community, like this awesome color picker by @jqiye

Control apps

Connect with APIs

Search the web

Keep track of data

Want to help shape the future of Raycast? Join our growing community today.

ui elements

Create your own custom extensions

Speed up your daily workflows with our extensions API. Concentrate on building your tool and leave the heavy lifting of UI, caching and authentication to us.

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Ready for take-off?

Get started with Raycast now. Download the app and use keyboard shortcuts to become more productive.