Search, favorite and watch all sessions.

We teamed up with wwdc.io to make it easy for you to keep up with this year's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

With the WWDC21 extension, you can search all sessions by title, topic or day. New sessions will be available each day. If you install the WWDC app, you can watch, favorite and download the videos. It's the easiest way to see what's the latest and greatest for all Apple platforms.

WWDC21 by Raycast - Search, watch and download all WWDC21 sessions on your Mac | Product Hunt

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get the full experience:

  1. Download the WWDC app to favorite, download and watch the sessions
  2. Open the WWDC app
  3. Allow access to your content via the WWDC app preferences


  • Can't see the WWDC21 command in Raycast? Make sure you have Raycast 1.17.1 or higher installed. Double check if the extension is enabled via the Extensions tab in the Raycast preferences.
  • Can't favorite, mark as watched or download sessions? Make sure you have the WWDC app (minimum version 7.3.3) running. Disable and re-enable the content switch from the third step in Getting Started steps.

Afterwards, you should be able to use the extension to it's full extend.