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Search and manage your Ploi servers or sites

Ploi Raycast

A Raycast plugin for managing your servers & sites by Ploi.



You will need an API key from Ploi to use this extension. When logged in, visit this page to create a fresh API key.

Make sure to tick the required permissions and copy the token, next you can enter that token inside Raycast to make it work.


Features from Ploi API

  • View site details
  • View deployment status
  • Trigger deploy script
  • Restart services (NGINX, MySQL, Supervisor)
  • Restart server
  • Flush FastCGI cache
  • Refresh server OPcache

Non-Ploi API Features

  • Open terminal session
  • Copy IP address
  • Open site or server in


  1. Clone repository
$ git clone
  1. Install dependencies
$ npm install
  1. Run development
# Development
$ npm run dev


Making sure production building works and compiles with Raycast:

$ prettier --write .
$ prettier --check .
$ npm run build

// Or

$ prettier --write . && prettier --check . && npm run build